A Taste of Patience
A Taste of Patience

A Taste of Patience

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Mohamed Eid Al-Araimi's "A Taste of Patience" is a captivating voyage into the profound virtue of patience (sabr) in Islam. Al-Araimi analyzes the many facets of patience in this informative work, drawing inspiration from Quranic passages, Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him), and real-life instances. The author provides readers with a taste of the transformative power of patience in managing life's problems and encouraging spiritual growth through a blend of wisdom and practical assistance.

Foundations of Patience in Islam:

At the center of the book is a careful examination of the Islamic framework's foundations of patience. Mohamed Eid Al-Araimi dives into the Quranic teachings and Prophetic traditions to unearth the essence of patience, emphasizing its key position in the journey of a believer and its importance as a method of growing closer to Allah.

Patience in Its Many Dimensions:

"A Taste of Patience" goes beyond a basic perspective of patience and delves into its many dimensions. Al-Araimi delves into the patience required in the face of adversity, the patience required in devotion to Allah, and the patience required in refraining from evil activities. By emphasizing these various aspects, the book provides a thorough knowledge of how patience pervades all parts of a believer's life.

Real-Life Anecdotes and Examples:

The author fills the narrative with real-life anecdotes and examples that demonstrate the transformative power of patience on people confronting a variety of challenges. These stories serve as motivating examples of how patience, when combined with faith, resilience, and confidence in Allah, can lead to triumph over adversity and personal progress.


ISBN: 9786035011518
AUTHOR: Mohamed Eid Al-Araimi
BINDING: Hard Cover
PAGES: 141 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 22 × 15 cm
PUBLISHER: International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH)

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