Confronting Apartheid: A personal history of South Africa, Namibia and Palestine

Confronting Apartheid: A personal history of South Africa, Namibia and Palestine

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South Africa achieved notoriety for its apartheid policies and practices both in the country and in Namibia. Today Israel stands accused of applying apartheid in the Palestinian territories it has occupied since 1967. Confronting Apartheid examines the regimes of these three societies from the perspective of the author’s experiences as a human rights lawyer in South Africa and Namibia and as a UN human rights envoy in occupied Palestine. Looking back over a long and distinguished career, John Dugard describes the work he undertook in defence of human rights by opposing the system of apartheid in South West Africa/Namibia and South Africa and more recently in occupied Palestine, which enforces a system that closely mirrors apartheid in South Africa. He shows how law was used by progressive lawyers in Namibia and South Africa to strike at the heart of apartheid. The entrenchment of a system of discrimination and oppression in occupied Palestine is carefully examined in the context of apartheid, but he ends on a note of hope that the international community, acting through civil society and the institutions of international law, will ensure that a just solution is found to this seemingly intractable problem.


ISBN: 9781431427352
AUTHOR: John Dugard
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 302 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 235 × 155 × 30 mm
PUBLISHER: Jacana Media


John Dugard (born 23 August 1936 in Fort Beaufort) is a South African professor of international law. His main academic specialisations are in Roman-Dutch law, public international law, jurisprudence, human rights, criminal procedure and international criminal law. He has served on the International Law Commission, the primary UN institution for the development of international law, and has been active in reporting on human rights violations by Israel in the Palestinian territories. He has written several books on apartheid, human rights and international law, in addition to co-authoring textbooks on criminal law and procedure and international law. He has also written extensively on South African apartheid.

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