Dajjal : The Antichrist (Revised Edition)
Dajjal : The Antichrist (Revised Edition)
Dajjal : The Antichrist (Revised Edition)
Dajjal : The Antichrist (Revised Edition)
Dajjal : The Antichrist (Revised Edition)
Dajjal : The Antichrist (Revised Edition)
Dajjal : The Antichrist (Revised Edition)

Dajjal : The Antichrist (Revised Edition)

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Ahmad Thomson's "Dajjal: The AntiChrist" is a thought-provoking analysis of the Islamic eschatological notion of Dajjal, a figure connected with deceit and trials in the end times. Thomson, a renowned author and Islamic scholar, digs into Islamic sources such as the Quran and Hadiths to dispel the mystery surrounding Dajjal. The book not only provides a complete guide to comprehending this apocalyptic character, but it also delves into bigger themes of faith, spirituality, and the ongoing battle between good and evil.

Unraveling Dajjal's Mysteries:

The book's center is a thorough investigation of prophetic traditions and Quranic texts that mention Dajjal. Ahmad Thomson explores the indications and qualities assigned to Dajjal as described in Islamic literature in order to debunk the different elements of this enigmatic person. The publication provides readers with a deep and analytical knowledge of Dajjal's place in the apocalyptic narrative.

Dajjal in Historical and Modern Context

Thomson goes beyond the usual story to situate Dajjal in historical and contemporary situations. The book investigates how Dajjal symbolism might be read in the context of geopolitical events, societal transformations, and technological breakthroughs. It invites readers to consider the timeless relevance of eschatological teachings in addressing modern-day issues.

Getting Through the End Times:

The book is a wonderful resource for Muslims who want to know how to manage the intricacies of the end times. Thomson offers insights on the required spiritual activities, ethical values, and moral conduct that can protect against Dajjal's impact. As a form of protection, it urges Muslims to develop their faith and adhere to Islamic beliefs.


ISBN: ‚Äč9781842001448
AUTHOR: Ahmad Thomson
BINDING: Paperback 
PAGES: 214 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 14.8 x 21 cm
WEIGHT: 0.35 kg
PUBLISHER: Ta-Ha Publishers


Ahmad Thomson was educated both in Zimbabwe and England, and having traveled widely, he was fortunate enough to escape having too rigid a cultural moulding or social conditioning.

Although brought up as a Christian, recognized and embraced Islam for what it was. He is currently practicing as a barrister and is deputy chairman of the Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML).

He has written widely on a number of Islamic issues, particularly the history of Muslim Spain.  "Islam in Andalus", "For Christ's Sake", "Dajjal the Antichrist", "Blood on the Cross", and many more

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