Disturber of the Hearts
Disturber of the Hearts
Disturber of the Hearts
Disturber of the Hearts
Disturber of the Hearts
Disturber of the Hearts

Disturber of the Hearts

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Abul-Faraj Ibn al-Jawzi's "Disturber Of The Hearts" is a compelling account of the complicated and often tumultuous journey of the human heart. Ibn al-Jawzi, a profound scholar of Islamic literature and spirituality, dives into the profound parts of the human mind, uncovering the difficulties that worry and stir the hearts of spiritual seekers.

Internal Conflicts

Ibn al-Jawzi begins by discussing the internal conflicts that beset people's hearts, delving into the complexities of doubt, temptation, and the plethora of distractions that break the peace of the spirit. He provides insights into the common challenges faced by spiritual growth seekers and offers help in overcoming these disturbances through fascinating narratives.

The World's Influences

The author digs into the external forces that might disrupt people's hearts in this chapter, notably the impact of worldly distractions and monetary ambitions. Ibn al-Jawzi investigates the temptation of wealth, prestige, and wants, demonstrating how these outside forces can lead to spiritual unrest. He offers guidance on how to navigate the world's difficulties while retaining inner serenity and attention on the divine.

Satan's Function

Ibn al-Jawzi investigates Satan's nefarious role in upsetting the hearts of believers. Using Islamic theology and Qur'anic teachings, he reveals the subtle and overt methods by which the devil strives to sow dissension in people's hearts. The chapter serves as a warning about recognizing and overcoming Shaytan's traps.


ISBN: 9781904336341
AUTHOR: Abul-Faraj Ibn al-Jawzi
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 112 pages
DIMENSIONS: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
PUBLISHER: Daar Us-Sunnah

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