ISLAM RESURGENT : The Islamic World Today
ISLAM RESURGENT : The Islamic World Today
ISLAM RESURGENT : The Islamic World Today
ISLAM RESURGENT : The Islamic World Today
ISLAM RESURGENT : The Islamic World Today

ISLAM RESURGENT : The Islamic World Today

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This description of the contribution of the Muslim countries to world culture reaches from the beginnings of Islam to the present day. The geographical area covered comprises primarily Southern and Central Asia, and northern and equatorial Africa; however pertinent information concerning both North and South America is provided, as well as of Europe. This work is not a hastily compiled volume. The author has investigated these areas of the world for decades, and taught related courses in well-known universities in the United States and Canada. His lecture notes were constantly updated through reading, contacts with natives of the area, as well as travel, research and lecturing in many of the countries discussed. This book is the result of synthesising all these activities. First Edition of T. B. Irving’s Islam Resurgent: The Islamic World Today was published in 1983. History has witnessed many upheavals since then and a series of events unfolding during this period has changed the global scenario to an extent that part of the information contained in the book has become outdated. The protracted illness of the author and eventual demise in 2002 did not, however, allow him to revise and update the materials. Even in its present form the book is a mine of information and, in view of its continuing relevance, is being reprinted


AUTHOR: T. B. Irving
BINDING: Hardback
PAGES: 297
PUBLISHER: Suhail Academy
CATEGORIES: Life of the Prophet, Biographies, History, Original Works


Professor Dr. Thomas Ballantine Irving (Al-Hajj Ta'lim Ali, 1914-2002) simply known as T. B. Irving is a prominent American Muslim. He held his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University, and founded Near Eastern Studies at the University of Minnesota. In 1969, he became Professor of Spanish and Arabic at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; he retired as Professor Emeritus in 1980. A Fulbright Research Fellow in Baghdad, Iraq (1956-57), he travelled and lectured widely throughout the Arab world as well as Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil. Professor Irving was a member of many learned societies, including the American Oriental Society, the Middle East Studies Association, and the Middle East Institute. His areas of special interest were the Arab Islamic period in Spanish History and the contemporary Islamic period in Spanish History and the contemporary Islamic world. His numerous articles were published both in the United States and abroad. Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Dean of Arts and Sciences at the American Islamic College, Chicago, Dr. Irving founded schools of Arabic or Near Eastern studies at three state Universities in the U.S.A. He was a dedicated American Muslim, Islamic scholar, and linguist. The author of Falcon of Spain, a biography of the 8th Century Arab ruler, `Abd ul-Rahman I, and Islam Resurgent, Dr. Irving has made the first American translation of the Qur'an, a work of some twenty-five years of study and research.

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