Jesus Prophet of Islam
Jesus Prophet of Islam
Jesus Prophet of Islam

Jesus Prophet of Islam

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"Jesus: Prophet of Islam" co-created by Muhammad Ata ur-Rahim and Ahmad Thomson, is a careful and sharp assessment of Jesus Christ from an Islamic point of view. The essayists utilize Islamic texts, verifiable records, and relative examination to show Jesus as a worshiped prophet inside the setting of Islam in this provocative work. The book attempts to advance comprehension among Muslims and Christians by stressing their common veneration for Jesus while recognizing the two religions' philosophical positions.

The Islamic Narrative Revealed:

The disclosure of the Islamic story encompassing Jesus, whom Muslims love as an incredible prophet, is at the core of the book. The writers dig into Quranic texts and Hadiths that allude to Jesus' life, lessons, and marvels, providing perusers with a careful and valid comprehension of his importance in Islamic custom.

Common Ground and Mutual Respect:

"Jesus: Prophet of Islam" underlines the similitudes among Islam and Christianity in their perspectives on Jesus. The creators desire to advance a feeling of common regard and deference for the common otherworldly history that joins followers in these two significant Abrahamic religions by examining philosophical union.

Jesus in Islam and Christianity: A Comparison

The book compares the Islamic and Christian records of Jesus through a similar focal point, permitting perusers to get a handle on both the equals and differentiations. The creators stroll through huge parts of Jesus' life, lessons, and torturous killing, offering an understanding of the different philosophical perspectives held by Muslims and Christians.


ISBN: 9781897940532
AUTHOR: Muhammad Ata ur-Rahim & Ahmad Thomson
BINDING: Softcover
PAGES: 348 pages
DIMENSIONS: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
PUBLISHER: Ta-Ha Publishers

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