Judgement Day: Deeds That Light the Way
Judgement Day: Deeds That Light the Way

Judgement Day: Deeds That Light the Way

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Prominent Islamic scholar and motivational speaker Omar Suleiman takes readers on a fascinating journey into the worlds of spirituality, morality, and the deeds that illuminate the path on Judgement Day in his book "Judgement Day: Deeds That Light the Way." This book, which comes in a gorgeous hardcover edition, is a reference for everyone who wants to know what actions bring forth heavenly light and favor in the Hereafter.

Insights into Spiritual Deeds: 

Omar Suleiman explores the spiritual side of works, explaining the meaning of deeds that are consistent with piety and morality. The book delves into the significant effects of moral behavior, compassion, and heartfelt worship on the soul and its last destiny.

Advice for the Afterlife:

The book, which centers on the idea of Judgement Day, illuminates actions that point the way toward salvation and heavenly kindness. It provides insights into the teachings of the Quran and Prophetic traditions that highlight the transformational potential of good deeds in the hereafter.

Moral and Ethical Thoughts: 

"Judgement Day" takes readers on a contemplative journey that inspires thinking about moral and ethical behavior. The author highlights the actions that lead to a morally upright existence by drawing on Islamic teachings and offering helpful advice to those attempting to make sense of the intricacies of life.

Accessible Wisdom:

Readers of all backgrounds can benefit from the profound wisdom of Islamic teachings thanks to Omar Suleiman's eloquent and approachable writing style. Offering helpful guidance and inspiration for a meaningful and purposeful existence, the book is a great resource for anyone on a spiritual journey.


ISBN: 9781847741974
AUTHOR: Omar Suleiman
BINDING: Hardcover
PAGES: 260 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 14 X 20 cm
PUBLISHER: Kube Publishing

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