Man After Death

Man After Death

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Man after Death, a book by Mohammed Ali Hassan Al Hilly, about the next world of souls, Doomsday, the Last Judgment, Comparative Religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Quran, Bible, Hebrew Bible, Gospel, Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Souls, Souls, Spirits, Angels, Devils, Genies, Demons, Satan, Ether, Gabriel, Paradise, Hell, Kingdom of Heavens.

Read about the man who visited the next world of souls, stayed there for one hour among souls, then returned again to the world: to tell us about his observations there. The spiritual night-journey of Prophet Mohammed from the Inviolable Mosque at Mecca to the Aqsa Mosque at Jerusalem, and his ascension to heaven together with Gabriel.

How Jesus Christ was released from prison by Pilate; he was seen by disciples, then he went to Syria, and stayed there on Rabwa hill in the Salihiya near Damascus, for some period together with his mother, then he died, and his soul went up to heaven in the neighborhood of his Lord (like the other prophets).

And many other subjects and nice true stories.


ISBN: 9782745153241
AUTHOR: Mohammed- Ali Hassan al- Hilly
TRANSLATOR: E . A . Nasser
BINDING: Hardback
PAGES: 247
DIMENSIONS: 14.5 x 21.5 CM
PUBLISHER: Dar Al-Kotob Al-Ilmiyah (Beirut, Lebanon)


The Author Book Man After Death [English] and the author of 11 other books.
Muhammad Ali Hassan al-Hilli is a commentator of the Qur’an and the author of several books based on a new interpretation of the Qur’an. Basically, in his various books, he called for the return of Muslims to the worship of God alone. He called for renouncing polytheism and exaggeration in the person of the prophets and the righteous. In the introduction to his books, he says that God taught him the interpretation of the Qur’an to convey it to people after 1400 years have passed since its revelation.


Muhammad Ali Hassan al-Hilli was born in the village of Kreita, within the Iraqi city of Hilla, in 19881906, and lived his childhood in the city of Karbala. His academic ede profession of photography in Iraq, before he published his first book (The Universe and the Qur’an) in 1947. He died in the cucation was limited to what was known as writers, after which he moved to the city of Hilla and was one of the first to practice thity of Hilla in Iraq in 1991. His most prominent


The Book of the Universe and the Qur’an: The first edition was published in 1947, in which the author talked about the interpretation of cosmic phenomena in the Qur’an, as he explained in a logical way how the resurrection and the end of the world would occur, starting with the earth stopping its axial cycle, and he expected since 1947 that the moon has no life, and that Pluto has no A planet, as he said, with life in the rest of the planets in our solar system.


In it, he talks about another life for a person that begins after his death, and he lives it with his spirit without his body, and about a day when people will be held accountable for their deeds in their worldly lives, by which God decides their fate, either to heaven, where man finds permanent bliss, or to hell, where he finds man. Perpetual torment, which is the same as the Day of Resurrection, which religions have spoken of, starting with Judaism and Christianity and ending with Islam. and hear, and eat, and drink.”


The book Al-Mutashabhi from the Qur’an: the first part was printed in Beirut in 1966, and the second and third parts were printed in Beirut in 2014. In it, the author explained the verses that he found obscure in the Qur’an. Islamic interpretations throughout the ages for comparison, considering this book as a credibility for the Qur’anic verse {Then it is up to us to explain it}. He said in the introduction to the book: “Know that if you read this book of mine you do not see in it allegorical, so you say to yourself how the author called it (allegedly similar to the Qur’an) and I do not see In it are allegorical, but all of them are understood?The answer is: I have explained the speech to you and made clear the purpose in it from what my Lord gave me of inspiration, so the Book became understandable to all people.But if you read books of interpretation other than this book of mine, you would know and be certain that they are allegorical verses whose interpretation only God knows.

The Book of Controversy between the Torah and the Qur’an: It was printed in Baghdad in 1982, and in it the author explained that there are errors and contradictions contained in the Holy Book (the Torah), and he mentioned the story of its distortion by a Jewish scholar sometime after the end of the Babylonian captivity period.

The book An Hour I Spent with Spirits: In it, the author talked about a fainting incident that occurred to him in his childhood, describing the exit of his spirit from his body, his conversations with spirits, and other events he mentioned that he witnessed himself in the world of spirits.

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