Man's Protection Against Jinn and Satan - Wiqayat al-Insan Min al-Jinn Wal Shaytan
Man's Protection Against Jinn and Satan - Wiqayat al-Insan Min al-Jinn Wal Shaytan
Man's Protection Against Jinn and Satan - Wiqayat al-Insan Min al-Jinn Wal Shaytan

Man's Protection Against Jinn and Satan - Wiqayat al-Insan Min al-Jinn Wal Shaytan

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I have seen many Muslims leaving the religion because their ignorance led them to a soothsayer or a fortune teller. They believed them and we're convinced that those people knew the future .This is against the teaching of Islam and such convictions could lead to apostasy. If you try to advise them against going to such crooks, they ask you to prove to them that doing such actions is unlawful. That was what prompted me to do this research, and I ask Almighty to help me explain the laws of Allah concerning this subject. AMEN


ISBN: 9782745149947
AUTHOR: Wahid Abdussalam Bali
TRANSLATOR: Haytham Kreidly
PREFACE: Abu Bakr Jaber Al-Jazaeri
LANGUAGE: Bilingual with both Arabic and English Texts
BINDING: Hardback
PAGES: 704
PUBLISHER: Dar Al-Kotob Al-Ilmiyah (Beirut, Lebanon)


The Reasons behind this Research: Many factors have led me to this research.

1- The fact is that you need to give people a lawful substitute to resort to and cannot just forbid them form going to those people. Once, I argued with a young man on the subject of using soothsayers and doing witchcraft. I showed him why it was haram (unlawful), his reply was that on the night of his wedding he had been “ tied up“ with witchcraft, he had to go a soothsayer to solve that problem.” If I had known that you had the lawful alternative, I would have come to you!” he exclaimed.

2- In many cases, a jinni has entered the body of a human and ordered him or her to do unlawful acts. Therefore, it is our duty to stand up such aggression.

3- I have seen a Christian jinni asking a Muslim man to wear a cross, or otherwise he would give him a lot of problems.

4- Christians use witchcraft as a weapon against people. I have seen with my own eyes a practicing Muslim woman who was active in Da’wah (the call to Allah) being under the influence of witchcraft. A Christian priest had used jinn on her to order to wear a cross and to prostrate to him whenever she saw him .thanks to Allah (s.w.t.) who provided her with a knowledgeable Muslim brother who treated her, and she was cured.

5- up until now, I have not come across a book that deals with the subject on both the theoretical and practical levels.

For these reasons and others, I have decided to write this book. I hesitated at first; it is a tough and dangerous subject about which to write. however, I sought help from the Almighty (S.W.T), and I took the safest road to reach my goal.I used only reliable sources in everything I wrote. Every time I used a hadeeth, I would show its rank of authenticity, and I Referred the reader to its source from the books of sunnah. As a result, I compiled comprehensive research that dealt with both the theoretical aspect derived from the books and the practical side taken from extensive experience. Moreover, nothing I wrote disagreed with the Holy Book or the Sunnah. My research was divided into two books. The first book dealt with the jinn and Satan. I named it Man’s protection against jinn and Satan. The second book dealt with witchcraft and how to counter it. I named it The cutting Edge How to face evil sorcerers.

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