Meeting of two Seas: Where the heart leads the mind
Meeting of two Seas: Where the heart leads the mind

Meeting of two Seas: Where the heart leads the mind

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“Eye-opening in terms of the parity between the Abrahamic faiths, this fine model of scriptural analysis merits study by mystics of any faith.” Kirkus Reviews

This book is a follow-up to A perspective on the Signs of Al-Quran: Through the Prism of the Heart. Here the heart leads the mind on a journey into the eighteenth chapter of the Holy Quran. This chapter, known as Surah Kahf, has captivated seekers across the ages for its living spiritual appeal. Meeting of two Seas is about a journey which Moses undertakes with Khidr. Though this journey is short, it continues to open doors to others, through our awakening to the meetings of many sets of two seas around us: The meeting of the manifested real and the hidden Real; the meeting of the temporal and the eternal; the meeting of the empirical with the spiritual; and the meeting of physical causes with the Spiritual Cause. Our consciousness too stands at the nexus of the seas of our very own inner and outer selves. When the heart and the mind come to a meld—the coming together of taddabur and taffakur—there is no turning back and no end to the joyous journey toward the shores and sea of the Arabic Quran. The i’jaz of the Quran is its unfathomable ability to lead us to a scent of the REAL and toward a sense of belonging to IT.


ISBN: 9780692460184
AUTHOR: Saeed Malik
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 295 pages
DIMENSIONS: 15.24 x 1.88 x 22.86 cm
PUBLISHER: Library of Congress


Saeed was born in 1952 in Karachi Pakistan. He came to the US at age 21 after completing his M.Sc. in Solid-State Physics from Karachi University. He continued his education in the US earning an MS in Political Science from San Jose Sate University, followed by post-graduate work in Computer Science. Saeed is a veteran of Semiconductor Industry and is one of the pioneers in semiconductor testing.

What inspired Saeed to write this book?

"I cannot identify a singular trigger for this work. In the mix are the many reminders of mortality via departed friends, failing anchors and truthful mirrors. Of course the introspective urges of the life's sunset years stir a quest for both a deeper meaning to life and its approaching legacy. In the mix too is the religious and political turmoil that besieges us all in the advent of the 21st century. Hatred pollutes faith and this book is directed first inwardly and then at anyone whose hatred of another springs from a difference of belief. Growing old can be a spiritual gift. A negative environment too, though not inspirational, gifts us the great opportunities of change and renewal".

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