My Daily Dua’s Story Sound Book 2
My Daily Dua’s Story Sound Book 2
My Daily Dua’s Story Sound Book 2

My Daily Dua’s Story Sound Book 2

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An interactive and interesting tool called "My Daily Duas Story Sound Book 2" is intended to educate young children about the idea of daily supplications (duas) in Islam. This educational book intends to make learning for kids who are exploring the power of prayer fun and unforgettable.

"My Daily Duas Story Sound Book 2"'s main characteristics are as follows:

Story-Based Method:

The book teaches duas in the framework of realistic tales that young readers can identify with. These tales help children comprehend duas and how to use them in real-world scenarios, promoting understanding and enticing them to include supplications into their daily life.

Interactive Sound Effects:

The interactive sound effects included in the sound book make studying more exciting and engaging. It is a multimodal and immersive experience since kids can push buttons or interact with the book to hear the recitation of various duas.

Drawings That Pop:

The book's drawings pop and are engrossing, visually illustrating the stories and duas and grabbing young readers' interest and imagination. Children's connections to the material are strengthened and their overall learning experience is improved by the vibrant graphics.

Another beautifully illustrated story sound book that children can to relate to and helps them learn some daily prayers for all their everyday actions. Part 2 teaches more duas’ like when we greet people, before starting a journey, before leaving the home, before entering the home, after we sneeze and many more.

Read, press the sound buttons on each page, listen and learn the duas’ in Arabic and then hear the translations in English.


ISBN: 9781916500044
AUTHOR: Farzana Rehman
BINDING: Boardbook
PAGES: 20 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 7.8 x 7.8 x 1.0 inches
PUBLISHER: Desi Doll Company

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