The Giant Journey (Floor Puzzle)
The Giant Journey (Floor Puzzle)
The Giant Journey (Floor Puzzle)
The Giant Journey (Floor Puzzle)
The Giant Journey (Floor Puzzle)

The Giant Journey (Floor Puzzle)

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"The Giant Journey," an engaging floor puzzle that goes beyond standard jigsaw puzzles, will take you on an unforgettable journey. This captivating puzzle book enables readers to immerse themselves in a world of wonder, intrigue, and discovery as they piece together a hypnotic tapestry of a giant's epic adventure. Readers not only discover a visually breathtaking masterwork with each assembled portion, but they also become active players in a narrative that develops beneath their fingertips.

The Enigmatic Giant:

Dive into the first stage of the puzzle, which introduces the intriguing behemoth. The intricately designed paintings show the huge figure, which is covered with strange symbols and exudes both power and vulnerability. A sense of expectation and excitement sets the tone for the unfolding drama as the mammoth takes its first steps.

Realm of Wonders:

Readers enter the realm of wonders as they progress through the puzzle. From lush magical forests to majestic mountain ranges, each jigsaw piece symbolizes a fantastical world. This portion not only creates stunning landscapes, but it also introduces many individuals and creatures that live in this magical realm, providing complexity to the narrative.

Trials and Tribulations:

Throughout the giant's trip, difficulties arise. This portion of the puzzle depicts our enormous protagonist's challenges and tribulations. Stormy seas, perilous pathways, and encounters with supernatural beings all contribute to a dynamic plot that stimulates both the mind and the imagination. Puzzle solvers become active storytellers in the giant's voyage as they piece together the storyline.


ISBN: 9781905516070
BINDING: Box Packing
PAGES: 30 Piece Floor Puzzle
DIMENSIONS: 7.5x6.5x4.5" (18.5 x 16 x 11 cm)
PUBLISHER: Learning Roots

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