The Intelligent Heart, the Pure Heart
The Intelligent Heart, the Pure Heart
The Intelligent Heart, the Pure Heart
The Intelligent Heart, the Pure Heart

The Intelligent Heart, the Pure Heart

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Dr. Gohar Mushtaq's "The Intelligent Heart, The Pure Heart" is a thorough investigation of the heart as more than just a physical organ, but as the seat of intelligence and purity in the human experience. This enlightening book dives into the intersections of spirituality, emotional intelligence, and personal growth, taking readers on a transforming journey toward understanding and nourishing the heart's twin aspects—its intellectual capacities and its inherent purity.

The Heart as an Intelligent Entity:

Dr. Gohar Mushtaq challenges readers to reassess the heart's traditional role as solely a physiological organ. The book proposes the heart as a sentient creature capable of great comprehension, empathy, and wisdom, based on painstaking study and spiritual insights. It investigates the relationship between the heart, mind, and soul, giving a comprehensive view of human intelligence.

Spiritual Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence:

The examination of spiritual understanding and emotional intelligence existing inside the heart is central to the work. Dr. Gohar Mushtaq explores the depths of the heart's potential for empathy, compassion, and discernment using spiritual traditions and psychological insights. Integrating spirituality and emotional intelligence creates a route for personal development and meaningful interactions with others.

Purity as the Heart's Essence:

"The Intelligent Heart, The Pure Heart" highlights the heart's intrinsic purity. According to Dr. Gohar Mushtaq, the heart preserves its initial state of purity behind the layers of life's experiences. The book teaches readers how to navigate life's problems while conserving and enhancing their inner goodness and purity.


ISBN: 9781842000755
AUTHOR: Dr. Gohar Mushtaq
BINDING: Softcover
PAGES: 117 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
PUBLISHER: Ta-Ha Publishers

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