The Meaning of Ramadan: A daily companion exploring the inner dimensions of the Month of Fasting
The Meaning of Ramadan: A daily companion exploring the inner dimensions of the Month of Fasting

The Meaning of Ramadan: A daily companion exploring the inner dimensions of the Month of Fasting

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This book is a collection of thirty-one daily lectures that were shared by Shaykh Muhammad Dawood Milanzi of Falaq Islamic Community (Dawn Park, South Africa) during Ramadan 1441/2020 focusing on the inward meanings of Ramadan. The talks cover a wide range of topics including “The Three Levels of Fasting,” “Penetrating the Meanings of the Qur’an,” “Salaah as a Personal Mi’raaj,” “The Meaning and Virtues of Patience,” “Methods of Practising Gratitude” and “Extending the Lessons of Ramadan to the Rest of the Year,” among others. In the lectures, Shaykh Milanzi draws from the primary sources of Islam, the Qur’an and the Sunnah and Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as well as the writings of various illustrious Shuyukh including Imaam Al Ghazali (RA) in his Ihyaa’ ‘Ulum Ad Deen, Imaam Al Qushayri (RA) in The Risala, Qaadi ‘Iyad (RA) in Ash Shifaa’, Shaykh Ahmad Tijani (RA) as quoted in Jawahir Al Ma’aani, and of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse (RA) in the Kashful Ilbaas and his Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an. He also incorporates lessons gained from years of Suh’bah (Companionship) with various Shuyukh, notably Shaykh Ibrahim “Baye” Haiba (HA).

The series of lectures were delivered via audio recording at the height of the 2020 Covid-19 global pandemic and the subsequent lockdown [a widely-used term for the international travel, movement, and curfew restrictions put into place in response to the pandemic]. This collection contains practical and timely advice for modern Muslims while relying on classical sources that remain eternally relevant. With a focus on deepening the spiritual experience of Ramadan, this book seeks to get to the heart of the meaning of the Month of Fasting. The Meaning of Ramadan is your daily Ramadan companion and an invaluable life-long resource on traversing the inner dimensions of Islam.


ISBN: 9781776401345
AUTHOR: Shaykh Muhammad Dawood Milanzi
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 394 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 15 x 24 x 2 CM
PUBLISHER: Deep Roots Books (April 7, 2022)


Shaykh Muhammad Dawood Milanzi was born in Tembisa, South Africa. He is a Hafizh of Quran and holds a BSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town. Through the Grace of Allah, he also holds a number of Ijazaat (authorizations) in the sciences of Shariah and Tasawwuf from a variety of distinguished Masha’ikh including Shaykh Ibrahim Haiba (Mauritania), Shaykh Muhammad Mahy Cisse (Senegal), Mufti Dr. Shaykh Shoayb Ahmad (South Africa), and the late Dr. Shaykh Abu Mahmood Muhammad Shakoor Al Mayaadiniy (Jordan via Syria). He has also attended several illustrious Madaaris and has given lectures on a variety of Islamic topics to various conferences and gatherings including the Harvard University Divinity School Islam in Africa Initiative Conference of 2021. He lectures at the Kawthar Centre, an institute offering post-graduate Islamic Studies courses for graduates of Islamic institutions.

Islamic community development is Shaykh Muhammad’s driving passion and he serves as the Imam of Falaq Islamic Community in Dawn Park, South Africa, where he runs a variety of spiritual, educational, and outreach activities. He is a Muqaddam of the Tariqah Tijaniyyah and serves as the President of the Gauteng Fayda Tijani in which capacity he leads dhikr circles on behalf of Shaykh Haiba. Shaykh Muhammad serves as Deputy President of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Oulema South Africa, which strives to revive traditional Islamic interpretations and promote peace through the collaboration of Islamic scholars throughout Africa. His life’s work is the development of healthy, sustainable, and model Islamic community life. Shaykh Muhammad resides in Dawn Park, South Africa with his wife and their three children.

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