The Sahabiyat (RA)
The Sahabiyat (RA)
The Sahabiyat (RA)
The Sahabiyat (RA)
The Sahabiyat (RA)
The Sahabiyat (RA)
The Sahabiyat (RA)

The Sahabiyat (RA)

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"The Sahabiyat (RA)" by Jameelah Jones takes you on an illuminating tour through the corridors of Islamic history. This excellent book tells the forgotten stories of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) revered female companions, known as the Sahabiyat (RA). Jones portrays the lives of these amazing women through a superb blend of historical accounts and captivating fiction, providing readers with a unique perspective into their unshakeable faith, tenacity, and crucial roles in the early Islamic community.

Khadijah (RA) - The Believers' Mother:

Discover the profound legacy of Khadijah (RA), Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) respected first wife. Jameelah Jones dives into the life of Khadijah, a model of support and strength throughout the early days of Islam. Her unwavering devotion and dedication to the Prophet's mission laid the groundwork for women's prominent roles in Islamic history.

The Scholarly Companion: Aisha (RA)

Explore the life of Aisha (RA), the Prophet's adored wife and a renowned scholar in her own right. Jameelah Jones sheds light on Aisha's crucial position in the transmission of Islamic knowledge, as well as her profound influence on the development of Islamic jurisprudence. Aisha's intellect and passion continue to inspire those seeking knowledge.

Fatimah (RA) - The Spiritual Lighthouse:

Enter the world of Fatimah (RA), Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) adored daughter. Jameelah Jones delves into Fatimah's piety, knowledge, and unwavering commitment in this chapter, illustrating how her life symbolizes the spiritual grace and familial values that continue to resonate across the Islamic community.


ISBN: 9781842000748
AUTHOR: Jameelah Jones
BINDING: Softcover
PAGES: 40 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
PUBLISHER: Ta-Ha Publishers

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