The Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad (S)
The Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad (S)
The Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad (S)
The Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad (S)
The Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad (S)

The Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad (S)

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"The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)" by Ahmad Thomson is a thorough examination of the lives, roles, and contributions of Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) revered wives. Ahmad Thomson digs into the historical accounts surrounding each of the Prophet's marriages, shining light on their significance, individual characteristics, and the lessons that can be taken from their experiences in this informative book.

Historical Context: 

The book opens by giving readers with a contextual grasp of seventh-century Arabia's social, cultural, and historical backdrop. Ahmad Thomson establishes the stage for a nuanced examination of the Prophet's marriages, providing insight into the circumstances that led to each union and refuting myths about these partnerships.

Profiles of the Wives:

Thomson methodically analyzes each of the Prophet's wives, providing a detailed description of their lives, personalities, and contributions to the early Muslim community. The book presents a vivid picture of the numerous characters that enriched the Prophet's household, from Khadijah, the cherished first wife, to Aisha, Hafsa, and others.

influence in Islamic History:

"The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad" goes beyond individual biographies to investigate the Prophet's wives' collective influence in the establishment of Islam. Thomson delves into their roles in education, mentoring, and the preservation of the Prophet's teachings, highlighting the important role they played in the early Islamic community.

Marriage as a Spiritual Model:

Ahmad Thomson focuses into the spiritual components of the Prophet's marriages, highlighting the significant lessons and spiritual insights that may be drawn from the Prophet's (SAAS) decisions and conduct in his matrimonial relationships. Marriage is highlighted as a spiritual paradigm throughout the book, asking readers to reflect on the ethical and moral precepts embedded in these unions.


ISBN: 9781842001295
AUTHOR: Ahmad Thomson
BINDING: Softcover
PAGES: 104 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
PUBLISHER: Ta-Ha Publishers

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