This is Muhammad (S) The Beloved by Abu Bakr Jabir Al Jaza'ri
This is Muhammad (S) The Beloved by Abu Bakr Jabir Al Jaza'ri

This is Muhammad (S) The Beloved by Abu Bakr Jabir Al Jaza'ri

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Prophet Muhammad is the last (end) of all prophets, who was sent to all mankind and jinn to guide them to the right path of Islamic monotheism.

The Prophet (pbuh) was born in the tribe of Quraish, which was held the noblest and most high-esteemed tribe among arabs, in mecca; which was regarded as the religious capital of the arabian peninsula.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent by Allah as a witness for Allah’s true religion [islamic monotheism worshipping Allah alone without associating partners with him in his dominion]; as a give of glad tiding to the believers, and a warner to the disbelievers .

Prophet Muhammad was commissioned by Allah to disseminate Islam and give admonition to have good morals and exhortation against the bad manners.

Every prophet was sent to his people only, apart from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was sent to al-Alamin [mankind, jinn and all that exists] to invite them all to Islam, the only true religion in the sight of Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) must be called “the saviour of humanity” he invited mankind to Islam to admit to Paradise in the hereafter and be saved from the punishment and chastisement of the hell-fire.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) moved armies legislation, empires, peoples, dynasties millions of men. He created a spiritual nationality intermingling, people of various tongues and different races. he was “philosopher, orator, apostle legislator, conqueror of ideas, restorer of rational beliefs, and the comforter”.

Thus we are going to mention in that book some snapshots about the Prophet (pbuh) noble biography to make it apparent and come into light to be an echo reply to those ignorant and malicious ones disparaging him.


ISBN: 9782745163387
AUTHOR: Abu Bakr Jabir Jaza'ri
TRANSLATOR: Jehan Abd al-Raouf Hiba
BINDING: Hardback
PAGES: 512
PUBLISHER: Dar Al-Kotob Al-Ilmiyah

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